Helicopter tour Grand Canyon

Helicopter flight Grand CanyonA helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon is an impressive experience! There is a wide range of flights to choose from. You can opt to start your flight from the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon Airport) or Las Vegas. Prices start at approximately $150 for a 25 minute helicopter flight. The biggest organization offering helicopter flights over the Grand Canyon is Papillon Helicopters. Flights can be booked through the website of Papillon, the specialist and largest organization when it comes to Grand Canyon helicopter flights.

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Airplane tour Grand Canyon

Airplane Grand CanyonThe many different ways to tour the Grand Canyon by helicopter, would almost make you forget you can also view the Grand Canyon from an airplane. An airplane tour Grand Canyon has an advantage as well as a disadvantage compared to a helicopter flight; the altitude of the flight is higher making it less detailed but at the same time showing more of the Grand Canyon. The choice between an airplane tour or a helicopter flight is therefore entirely personal.

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Helicopter + Rafting tour Grand Canyon

Rafting in the Grand CanyonA very special tour in Papillon’s range is the Colorado River Voyage. This tour guarantees a unique Grand Canyon experience: a helicopter flight with landing in the Grand Canyon and rafting on the Colorado River. With a starting price of 370 dollar, this tour is a very good deal when you take into account that the duration of the tour is 8 hours, transfer to and from your hotel in Las Vegas is included, you will see all the highlights during the helicopter flight (such as the Hoover Dam and Skywalk) and lunch is also included when you land in the Grand Canyon, next to the Colorado River.

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Helicopter flight including landing Grand Canyon

Landing in the Grand CanyonIn the most popular tour of Papillon, such as the North Canyon Tour and the Imperial Air Tour, a landing in the Grand Canyon is not included. This is primarily due to the price, said tours are relatively cheap and therefore popular with the masses. If you can afford it, a tour with a landing in the Grand Canyon is highly recommended. A tour with a landing is a totally different experience than a simple 20 or 30 minute flight.

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